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PS3 Slim Is Coming

August 21, 2009

To all the avid gamers out there, or simply those who have waited out so long, here’s a bit of big news. Sony has just announced the brand spanking new Playstation 3 that now comes with a whopping 120GB hard drive yet it takes up 32% less space! I have a friend who almost shelled […]


August 21, 2009

In the last three games of DLSU we have seen them in a sort of nasty tailspin. Just when they got hot on a four game winning streak and capping it off with a heroic come from behind win vs UST in double overtime, they hit a hump. It must have been a nasty hump and seems to have them head backwards again. Yes arguably two of those losses were to arch rivals Ateneo who many would concede as clearly the stronger and more experienced team vs the Archers. But you have to look closer at the losses, not just the points, but also the effectivity of what they try to do.

Keys To Winning For Ateneo and La Salle

August 15, 2009

Every time I’m assigned to cover an Ateneo – DLSU game, the production team wants me to put together a basic set of keys to winning for both teams. How i put this together is a combination of analyzing the team and player stats, the general trend of the team at the moment, and of course how they match up with each other. One game down and more to go. Nobody expected it to be one game apart. But here we are just hours away from the sequel for 2009. Below are the keys i feel are essential for each team to win. Alphabetical order now, so Ateneo first.