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PS3 Slim Is Coming

To all the avid gamers out there, or simply those who have waited out so long, here’s a bit of big news.

Sony has just announced the brand spanking new Playstation 3 that now comes with a whopping 120GB hard drive yet it takes up 32% less space! I have a friend who almost shelled out $300 to buy an 80GB HD PS2 but he got lucky i got wind of this one.

nag south beach ka?

nag south beach ka?

The clincher is even though Sony amped up the HD capacity, it’s still selling it at $299.

Now for me, what made me to finally decide to get a PS3 sometime last year is a simple fact that a lot of people tend to overlook, it is practically one of the, if not THE cheapest bluray player on the market. And oh yes, its an awesome gaming console too. And now with 120GB of storage for you to put videos, music or whathaveyou, how can you go wrong with $299 or roughly less than P15,000?

Yes times are hard, but some may argue you can actaully save money by investing on a gaming console simply because it will keep you at home more often and lessen your “gimik consumption”

So go or no-go? Its up to you, but this new baby from Sony is indeed sexah =)

Its set to come out in the US in September. Read more from Engadget

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