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Barroca or FEU? Who do we believe?

Stunned. That was my initial reaction when this whole hulabalu started. Primarily because I have had so much respect for FEU and their program this past 2 years. Specially after that whole shooting incident of Baracael which pretty much made the team closer. And then from the focus and determination that I have noticed from them this year, real hunger to win the title on their hosting year. Yes they may have had not so sharp games too, but seeing how they competed hard this year, you’d doubt something like this could creep in and get thru the cracks.

I first read about the situation after a friend sent me a text to check out Rick Olivares’ blog. And low behold Rick broke the news that there was a major meeting going on at FEU with regards to the allegations against Andy.

For the record, FEU has not come out with anything with regards to any investigation nor any game fixing allegations. What came out, as odd as it was, was conflicting statements from 3 different people when the Inquirer dropped by their practice. First Coach Glenn said he had no idea where Andy was, baka may pinuntahan daw, then Team Captain JR Cawaling said Andy has flu symptoms and is in quarantine at the chapel so he wont infect others, and a team staffer said that he has an unknown injury.

So with them not directly addressing the “game fixing” issue, or at least to confirm the meeting or investigation, the fact that 3 dif team members had totally different excuses, you know something not so good is going on.

As for Barroca, his manager Ed Ponceja has spoken up. Thru a story (although I am confused as to who wrote this coz blogger firequinto said in his tweet it was Rey Joble’s exclusive scoop. But Joble writes for Manila Standard. Maybe he contributed to coz MS is very slow and has no breaking news online) Poncejas shared Andy is very hurt with the accusation and is quitting, he will now focus on finishing his degree and playing for Smart Gilas. May lamat na daw, bakit pa daw pipilitin.

So that’s what has been said officially from both sides.

Lets look back at history on “similar” instances. As I’ve said so far FEU has yet to say anything specific re the allegations, lest even mention any form of evidence that may have urged them to “investigate”.

In a case not too long ago, a player was suspended for clearly breaking a team rule. All cellphones were to be given up, and he was caught with a  2nd one. This happened late in the season. Reason enough then to doubt him or even in a way “confirm” his dubious “off-games” so some people thought. Fine. But the team was firm, he broke a rule and broke trust, ‘nuff said.

In another case, the player was taken out early in the season. The team said he also broke a rule but was not very clear with what that rule was. Word spread quickly after that that supposedly that player was on the take and that the evidence the team had was his text messages to his teammates supposedly “recruiting” them to join his “gimik”. I even heard that team was hell bent on filing a case at the end of the season para may “masampolan” na. But the case never happened and it seemed like all that “dirt” was swept under the rug.

And now this, on the eve of the Final Four weekend, the league gets rocked with this controversy. You have one side, the team so far totally skirting the issue, even denying there was a meeting. Making up 3 different excuses for his absence to boot. Then the other side, his manager confirming the rumors that indeed he had been accused so why even still insist to play with them.

So for what ever its worth, lets let those statements of the manager, plus the report of Rick, that the meeting did take place and those accusations were made. But the question remains, who made those accusations and what compelled them to do so? Was there physical proof again? Or was it simply them being “so sure” his poor performances were intentional?

As we await Mr Montinola’s official statement, as he said in the proper time they will speak, the public is left in a guessing game as to what went down and who do we believe.

If you were Andy and say you were innocent, would you rather stay and fight to clear your name? Or would you get pissed and walk away. But what if say you were guilty and you felt the best way out was to walk away and not put up a fake fight?

I am not one to be naïve and pretend this stuff does not happened in local basketball, and mind you not a single league is sparred. I have spoken to many individuals who have deep knowledge of how it works and how its done. Very simple, very tempting, and yes your team can even still win, just play the “spread”.

So with my eyes open wide and having an open mind to all of this, I always ask what’s the proof? I will never take stats as the end all of evidence to prove that just coz a game or two of this guy that was way too bad, he has gone of the cliff already. If it’s a text message, an envelope full of cash, or a car suddenly sent to your family in the province. Whatever it is, we need evidence. And honestly, I hope and pray that one day we will see someone and the group behind them get convicted. But it will take major balls from the team or teams involved. It’s a challenge to the league as well to put their money where their mouth is and not just make motherhood press releases every start of the season that they “condemn” game fixing, sure.

For now it’s such a tough call and all we hope for, at least I do, is for the team to gather their bearings and still give it their best shot this weekend. Coz at the end of the day, they owe it to their school, their fans, and the league – that no matter who is wearing that green and yellow jersey they will give it their 100% effort. And lets hope this time around the crap, if there is any, will not be swept under the rug. If there is evidence, bring it out, file a case and lets get the wheels of justice rolling.


26 Responses to “Barroca or FEU? Who do we believe?”

  1. You’re right Sir Tj. If Andy is not guilty of these accusations, then he must show up on Saturday, fill up all the gaps in the team to make his name clean and Give a good fight. We know that Andy is one of the most premiere guard in UAAP. I think he’s a big factor on bagging the title this season because he’s just so great (if he’s in tough shape and in JUST performance). GO Fight Tamaraws!- FEU Alumnus Xendar, BS Nursing 2009.

  2. I believe that he is innocent. It was not intentional. All players have their bad games. It was his bad game. Though i am not close to that guy,I know some of his close friends and I agree to his friends that he can’t do it to our Alma Mater. Oh well, I hope everything will be okay with him.

  3. By the way I will believe to Barroca’s side for now. Because as indicated in Sir Tj’s blog and from the Inquirer corespondent; other FEU team members answered a totally different and inconsistent response. “Para tuloy lumalabas na pinagtatakpan nila tunay na pangyayari”. As for Andy Barroca he should finish this season and play balls on the court to prove himself innocent of those accusations. In my opinion Barroca did a wrong move. “Inuna niya emosyon niya”. Because of this people who have creative minds would think that Barroca is guilty of Game fixing.

  4. If it is true that Barroca will cease playing for FEU, that will now certainly stop or at the very least slow down any investigations into the allegations. I doubt then if any formal findings would ever come out to either prove or disprove the case. And I don’t think anyone can blame Mark for feeling offended by the gust of claims questioning the integrity of how he has been playing. He is after all, only human. And is very much entitled to his emotions. But one thing is for sure, a withdrawal by Barroca from FEU would definitely have an adverse and probably unfortunate effect on eventually finding out the truth.

  5. Grabe! nakakalungkot for the FEU community (including me). I am really disappointed on how the management is handling it. Barroca is such a nice guy, siya lang yata yung player na lagi kong nakikita sa campus to attend classes. This will not only affect the players/team but also the supporters of FEU.

  6. I find this absurd. Bakit nila pagdududahan si Andy eh siya yung madalas na gumagawa para sa FEU in my opinion. I wish they could reconcile–FEU team and Andy—Today. Otherwise, I think that there is a big (and I mean BIG) chance of UE beating them. Being a non-Tamaraw nor a non-Warrior, I really wouldn’t care about the fight this Saturday. But FEU must really consider all their hard work on currently being the number 2 in the league. Talks and compromises fix everything! Good luck to my Moraytan neighbors and God bless Andy.

  7. Hindi totoo sinabi ni Cawaling. Nakita namin siya sa Admin Building naka-upo. So wala siya sa chapel. Maasim nga mukha nya noon – halatang may problema talaga. Di tumitingin sa mga fans. Masungit ang looks. Di katulad ng dati na halos lahat ng tumitingin sa kanya binabalikan niya ng ngiti.

  8. @migs ikaw ba naman pagbintangan na involved sa game-fixing eh…sana lang magsalita na FEU Officials.

  9. for me, may game-fixing na nangyare. obvious sa performance ni andy. hindi sya marunong maglaglag ng game! halatang halata siya! i feel sorry for him.. magaling pa naman siya.

  10. @Migs- Even last year before I graduated in FEU, I always see Barroca as a nice guy and we often see him alone in the campus carrying a clutch bag and some text books with him. “Mukhang masipag nga mag-aral yung tao”. Sometimes we see him in Morayta eating Siomai Rice beside the World Dragon computer shop together with Paul Sanga. lol:-p.
    But anyways, I hope FEU Management will reconcile with Andy Barroca, forget all of this allegations and play as One team with ONE Color and ONE GoaL. 🙂

  11. “It’s a disciplinary measure; no, it’s not related to game fixing,” a Tamaraws team official, who spoke on condition of anonymity since he’s not authorized to speak on the matter, told the Inquirer Thursday.

    Ano ba talaga? Sana magsalita na ang FEU OFFICIALS PARA MALIWANAGAN ANG LAHAT!..

  12. As much as we want to watch the game tommorow and chant he’s name, we have a class..:(
    I still believe in Andy, there’s a petition on goin at the Tamarawbayan website to ask him and the management to let him play…
    anyway, here’s a new article about it

  13. masasabi ko lang masyadong mabigat yung binibintang sa kanya ngayon, pero kahit ganun sana eh adnun pa din sana yung suporta sa kanya ng team niya at buong feu community.. i’m gonna watch the feu, ue game tomorrow and i will wear his jersey to show some support to him..

  14. uhm..uu nga naman bakit ganun ganun nalang trato sakanya e db isa xa sa mga dahilan kung bakit number 2 ang FEU ngayon?.. nakakalungkot isipin na kung kailan xa kailangan ng buong team saka pa xa mawawala… uhm.. kung d nga xa guilty sa binibintang sakanya bakit hindi nya patunayan sa mga tao na mali ang binibitang skanya .. mali ren nya bigla nalang nya iniwan dba ang kinalabasan nun xa ang may kasalanan?.. lahat naman ng player may bad games e nag kakataon lang yan.. wala naman perpektong player e maski si jordan nagkakamali ren.. kung ako sakanya ayusin nya ang gulo at lumot sa pagitan nila ng management dahil hindi lang dignidad nya ang nakataya pati ang dignidad ng buong FEU 🙂 GO FIGHT GREEN AND GOLD !

  15. i think walking away is not a
    solution if his not guilty..
    of what he has done if
    its not true then just play your
    A game for the team.

  16. These kind of situation is not a stranger for the FEU Tamaraws, if tis about game fixing(which I strongly believe it is) they should find a permanent solution for this. good players became victims and their careers suffer so is the fate of the team. And it’s Bullshit!

  17. para saken, hindi ako naniniwalang magagawa nya yon.. pero if ever that is true, it is very disappointing. di ko sya masisisi kung bakit hindi sya naglaro.. kung hindi naman totoo yung ginawa nya, mas mabuti hindi sya maglaro, hindi dahil tinatakasan nya kundi dahil tao lang din sya na sobrang ndismaya sa ginawa ng team sa knya. baka lalo lang mapagbintangan kung the whole game yun ang iniisip nya. lahat naman may bad games. ngkataon na pivotal yung naipatalo nilang game. sana lumabas na yung totoo at maitama yung mga pagkakamali..

  18. Wag tyo maniwla sa mga sabi sabi lng, hndi lng si Barroca yung masisira pati na din yung university natin. Ang mganda jan kausapn si Barroca at yung mga cnasbing involved na tao ksma si Coach Glen. Ngayon natin kailngan ang “advocate” pra maliwanagan ang mga hakahaka na yan. Alam namn nten na sobrang bait na tao ni Barroca lahat nginingitian niya at di siya snob sa mga nkakasalubong niya. Kaya lng cguro nangyayari to ay my mga naiingit lng sa knya at pilit siyang siraan sa mata ng mga tao at sa Coach niya.


    NAKAKAMIS SI ANDY BARROCA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  19. hi , i am sad that one of my kababayan from zamboanga is in hot seat, i just want to share this short history how he learned basketball, Andy Barroca started as a running athlete, he is my kuyas playmate in our local barangay ,they use to laugh on how he plays kasi he is old na, when he learned playing hoops…Anyway according to my kuya it was his ability to run fast and eagerness to learn the game. Andy played in a muddy hoops area , until 12 noon.Just shooting, and learning. until he was discovered…It sad to know with all his efforts, to be in the league controversies arised.

    His friends from ayala zamboanga city, his side car bicycle friends .Wearing his jersey…

    This is another tale of , loss in the Uaap.

  20. I was surprised not seeing Barroca on the court yesterday, then my boyfriend told me it’s about game fixing.

    I couldn’t believe. I think Andy’s a very simple guy that could really shoot some hoops, and I know he couldn’t do that kind of thing. As it is stated on one of the articles regarding the issue, his manager said, ‘mahirap lang ang pamilya niyan’. So I think he can’t take the risk of getting suspended or eliminated of off the team — knowing every university athlete’s benefits for himself and his family.

    Being a non-tamaraw, I think it’s best for the FEU Community not to accused Andy immediately and shall investigate first. Thinking of morals, they should also think of what Barroca will be after getting accused with a big issue. For sure, FEU students will talk about what happened and talk about it in his back.

    Quitting or not playing is not even a sign of being guilty. Maybe it’s just his way of clearing his mind and getting over of the issue. And I think, even if he’s playing, he cannot play well thinking there’s a conflict between him and his team, right?

  21. he is not guilty of these… there’s a textbrigade going on in the feu community right now… if he is really guilty and capable of doing this, then there wont be alot of people defending him… but there are lots… lots of people defending him… llots of students on his side… because not matter how u destroy a good man… he will still remain standing and people will always back him up…

  22. Wow!! I have been hooked in watching the UAAP games especially if FEU team is playing. I have watched every single of their game and it was only Barocca who can really steps up the team when they are in danger of losing. Statistics wise, Barocca has the best statistics among the team players. I saw his last 2 gaems, 1 against Ateneo and he played his best. it was just it wasn’t really a good ball for him. My only opinion is just,i don’t think statistics would be enough to give disciplinary actions to Andy Barocca unless there is a clear evidence that will prove him guilty. It is just a shame that after all the hardwork of the team, this controversy will rug it off. There is no doubt that people’s side is on Barocca right now because it’s not only his future which is at stake here but also his life. Feu mnagement should have the decency to make equal decision not just for their own sake but for the sake of the entire FEU community. It is the students’ athletic fee that gives them financial support, therefore students have the right to know and decide regarding this issue. I hope FEU management will e able to fix this before its too late, besides damage has already done!! Prayers to FEU PLAYERS especially to ANDY!!

  23. It really hurts about Kuya Andy’s issue.
    Nakasabay ko sa paglalakad sa school sina Kuya Andy,Kuya Aldrech, at Kuya JR.

    Marami kaming sumusunod sa kanila at nakangiti silang tatlo.
    Nakakalungkot para sa akin ito.
    Buong araw akong nagre-research about sa issue na ‘to.
    Naaawa ako sa kanya lalo na kung napagbintangan siya.

    He’s one of the greatest tamaraw player for me.
    He’s also the one who greatly contributed in making FEU in the top spot.

    Tamaraws,we lost yesterday because we’re barocca-less.
    It’s easy for the warriors to beat us ‘coz we lost our 3 point shooter.
    I thank Paul Sanga for his contributions,he did very well.
    haii..It affects me so much..
    All I think is all about these issues..
    -coaches’ decision
    -lost game yesterday
    -school’s negative image..

    Well.I’ll just leave a message
    To Kuya Andy,
    Kahit na mi lamat na yung samahan niyo,sana ay magkaroon kayo ng heart to heart talk with your whole team. We need you back Kuya.



  25. i doubt that Andy would do such a thing.. f we all know that he has already a bright future in the PBA doing the thing in an exhibition game against the PBA burger king whoppers. i think all the coaches in the PBA has their eyes on him so why would he do such a thing.. i think such a talent like him can go to the pros w/out playing this year already in the uaap this year but he played due to his respect and utang na loob sa school na nagdiscover sa kanya and the rule that you need to finish college to play the pros. Ateneo Vs. FEU w/out Andy wouldn’t be nice to watch it would be like mayweather vs marquez fight. it would be better for UE to fight Ateneo at the finals…

  26. Dapat nag laro nalang xa Kesa pinapanood nyang matalo ang kanyang team.. kahit tinaggal pa xa kasali paren xa sa team ng tamaraws this UAAP season.

    haist.. sad to tell that .nag smart gilas xa para mag represent ng bansa naten e sariling school d nya kayang e represent… kung gusto maraming paraan pag ayaw maraming dahilan..

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