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Paul Lee Ate Puto-Pao Before Devouring The Tams

As I walked out of the court still in disbelief and in awe of what I just saw, I bump into Paul Lee, Pari Llagas, and Coach Lawrence. I asked Paul, anong kinain mo? Paul just smiled. It was Coach Lawrence who answers and said “Puto Pao pare! Puto Pao from Binondo!”

Paul Lee was insane. He was on fire, in the zone, unconscious, possessed? You name it, any awesome basketball term would fit but would probably still be an understament. He only had 4 pts at the half, but he poured on 22 more in the 2nd. 14 of them in the big run in the 4th. He shot an insane 6-10 for 60% from 3 pt land

For some of you who may not be aware (i wasn’t aware of it until the start of the season) Paul was a PBL Conference MVP in the off season. He averaged 17 points in 10 games as a PBL rookie at that. So scoring is not a surprise for Lee. It has always been his consistency and decision making. In fact today, a lot of his loooong bombs were the kind that if he missed, he’d get hell from a coach. I saw A coach coz maybe Coach Lawrence wouldn’t be that kind of coach…

But how could have FEU stopped him if he shot 3s from Ali Mall and MRT Cubao with a hand in his face at that? I remember unstoppable scorers like Tony Harris in the PBA and of course MJ in the NBA. You’d see teams double team them early. Even if they’re way eyond the 3 pt line. The logic was, make him give up the ball, and challenge anybody else on the team to beat you. Yeah i know, easier said than done, specially harder in college ball than in the pros.

Now about FEU and their offense in the 4th. They only shot 33% in the 4th as opposed to 39% the whole game. Yes they looked good when Sanga was hot and they made their runs. But when Sanga went down with cramps, it showed one glaring problem – they lacked a leader, a go to guy who could create. But more than that they lacked a pass first point guard. So yes it was so obvious that they missed Barroca badly. That’s why it hurt so much to not have Barroca. Unfortunately Knuttel would’ve filled that role of pass-first point guard, but he went down with a sprained knee in the 1st quarter and never came back. I wonder if he’ll make it back for thursday.

So can lightning strike FEU twice? Can Lee and Acuña light it up again on thursday? It will be tough to duplicate that feat. But one thing is clear now, UE’s confidence and momentum is at an all time high, while FEU is searching for answers and a hero, and looking for anything to lift up their spirits and motivate them to get to the Finals. Sabi nga nila, matira matibay, it’s gonna be an all out war on thursday.


6 Responses to “Paul Lee Ate Puto-Pao Before Devouring The Tams”

  1. So the secret is puto-pao? LOL. 🙂 Anyway, the UE had a great job against FEU. I hope they will make the same game on Thursday like what they did this Saturday. I know that FEU will be having a “thirsty Thursday”, UE must double up their performance though they are great basketball players. I want to give credits to Paul Lee, he had a superb performance; to Paul Lee, you’re really a warrior with a blood of “never say die”. 🙂

  2. one thing is for sure… BARROCA IS THE ANSWER FOR FEU!!!!

  3. hahah! I agree, they lack a leader… how about cawaling? he’s the team capatain right? they need to prove that they can make it without Barroca.

  4. Paul Lee was the man of the hour last Saturday. I hope he will eat Puto-Pao again next Thursday to hit 3’s again….Good luck sa mga Pulang Mandirigma.

  5. I thnk all ue players should eat puto-pao.. Hahaha.. Yes! Cawaling is the captain right?? Where is his leadership..?

  6. grabe!
    para siyang si lebron james that time..
    nung game ng cavs against bucks..
    tapos nung pumunta kami sa south gate nyan sabi niya
    “chamba lang” daw yun..

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