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Pacquiao to Marquez: “You Might As Well Eat Your S___ Too…”

As Manny Pacquiao walked in the gym in Baguio today, he was all smiles. A jolly and good mood Pacquiao is always a good sign of a good workout. But more than that, its also a sign of Manny the Joker was in the house.

As we started to casually chat about the Mayweather – Marquez fight, he was quick to acknowledge the speed and skill that Floyd Jr still had. But as quick as Manny pivot out of trouble did his words get into the offensive too. He blamed Marquez for the whole thing. Not about it being a mistake to go up in weight and challenge the former pound for pound king, but for being stubborn.

Manny has a point, he has fought Marquez twice, once for a controversial draw, and the other for a very close split decision. He knows him damn well. And from what he say vs. Mayweather he said the guy is just too stubborn to change his strategy. It can be the same “I’ll wait for, come in and I’ll counter punch my way against” you Manny said. Since both fighters, he added, were counter punchers, and given Floyd was longer and stronger, you’ll have to engage a bit more and get your licks in there.

The sarcasm was all over the place for Team Pacquiao as they continued to joke about Marquez. So much so that they joked the rumor of a rematch is spreading, and that Marquez had learned his lesson and would change his fight plan, he wouldn’t just drink his own pee, but he’d even eat his own, you know what.

Cocky remarks from the usually humble and mild mannered Manny. I guess you could say it was a move straight out of the playbook of Floyd Mayweather, or maybe being one with times of blunt straight forward candidness like Kanye, Serena, and Roger. But if you look back at the friction between Marquez and Pacquiao, Juan Manuel was asking for it and he started it.

Remember is has been JMM who has been barking around and running around the world almost just to get his 3rd and final shot at Pacquiao. He has tried it all, the nice approach, the I’ll come to your country and call you out, and even the “you must be afraid of me approach”. Many got fed up last year and said stop crying. So he’s been sticking his neck out and just waiting for a Manny left hook and get smacked. And so now with him “starting it” and declaring to the world he drinks his own pee to make him stronger, Manny saw the opening and took a swipe. He’s advising Juan Manuel to go ahead and try to eat his own poop too.

It’s a back and forth that the media has enjoyed and will continue to fan. But the question remains, is Juan Manuel Marquez still the man who can really give Pacquiao the hardest challenge of his life? They are of the same size and natural built. No “meeting me halfway” for a bigman and Mannny the little man. This is a matchup that personifies the “pick on someone your own size” theory.

Personally I like it. It will truly prove to Manny and his few critics left that can beat Marquez. It may just happen to wrap up his career if you ask me.

Here’s my hunch, and I’m calling it now as I just may end up looking like a frackin genius. After Manny disposes of Cotto in November, he will file for candidacy, he will campaign for Congressman in Saranggani and run unopposed. During this whole campaign thing, in March he will face Floyd Mayweather Jr. He will take him to a long bout, and probably deck the cocky pretty boy in the 10th-12th round…

Then he can finally give that little guy the shot. Take on Juan Manuel Marquez to wrap up his career in July just as he has been sworn in as a “distinguished gentleman”. But what would make it much more sweeter for the two if that meeting happens? No not the money, not a belt, not a catch-weight with penalties. But a classic side-bet of who losses, you eat your… well you now what. That will be one for the books.


5 Responses to “Pacquiao to Marquez: “You Might As Well Eat Your S___ Too…””

  1. I guess it’s alright for Manny to be cocky once in a while. Para kasing hindi na tutuo kung palagi nalang “humble” eh. I mean, you know.. 😀

  2. You know what, if no one will play the bad guy role they would have a hard time getting more than 500k PPV buys. I think Manny is starting to learn from Floyd after all.

  3. No, no more Marquez fight, especially after a Mayweather win scenario. Why? Assuming he won the election and won against Floyd, what’s the motivation? “It will truly prove to Manny and his few critics left that can beat Marquez.”

    No, it’s been already proven to Manny himself. Few critics? Jump in the ring for “few critics”. Not worth it. What if JMM wins? A rubber match? When does it end?

    It ends on a high note, as Jerry Seinfeld would say. Floyd is the high note.

  4. ….blunt straight forward candidness like Kanye, Serena, and Roger…. ROGER? you mean, Roger Federer? why did you consider him?

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